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Welcome to a German homepage with a lot of general information on Arabian and Andalusian horses and many little storys about ma own horses and our little stable

Hello, I´m glad that you found the way to my page. I´m an enthusiastic fan of Arabian and Andalusian horses, I learned riding on an Arabian stallion and I have loved these wonderful horses as long as I can remember. And I asked myself - Why not make a homepage with all the information I know, to share with other people.

Over 20 years ago I bought a stallion at a famous stud in Germany called Doroteenhof. From that time on the breeders of my horse Mutabor (1985-2005)  have become very close friends of mine, so that a part of my homepage is dedicated to the presentation of the stud run by Rudi and Doro Tiemann.

My page is written in German, sorry, nevertheless I hope that some pages are of interest to you as well, even though they are not written in English.

Below I give a litte summary of the contents including links to the German pages. They contain so many photos, that they can speak for themselves:


  1. General information about Arabian horses, including facts of a short history, educating Arabian horses, showing Arabian horses, buy an Arabian horse, accomodations for Arabian horses, book-lists and information on horse diseases. But the most important part, is the one presenting Arabian horses under the saddle. You will see Arabian horses taking part in: Jumping *Endurance * Dressage * Arabian horses and children * Show-riding * going for a hack* Tests for riding-teacher with own horse * figure-riding. Who could think of a better way to prove that Arabians are the only breed of horses that are good at everything?
    Or searching for an arabian name?

  2. Dates of events with Arabian horses near to Hamburg (a city in the North of Germany). Including little spotlights of shows and other events that I visit. Do you want to take a look? Click here ( you can choose the events at the top of the page, on the right ).

  3. Horses for sale – Looking for a typical Arabian horse with good character at a fair price? Look here   

  4. The Doroteenhof - a famous Arabian stud in Germany. The breeders Rudi and Doro Tiemann have one big passion: Arabian horses based on Weil-Marbach-bloodlines. They are very successful in Germany with their horses, Tiemann-horses very often win prizes in the show ring and also under the saddle. And the horses of this stud are easily recognized as "Tiemann-horses", they are very special and unique in their appearance.
    Do you want more Information about that stud?
    Take a look at
    Marwan. With this stallion, Tiemanns started their breeding carreer. He died in 1996 but shall never be forgotten.
    The stallions still waiting for nice mares are listed here:

     R.T. Royal NaggafR.T. White Magic
    Or do you want to visit the site of the mares from the early days of the stud, the mares of today, the foals or a list of horses from the stud?
  5.   Presentation of a second stud in germany. Years ago Mrs. Hentschel  began to breed Arabian horses with a mare from the stud Doroteenhof. Now she has 4 mares and one stallion. Do you want more informations and see nice pictures from this little hobby-stud? Klick here.
  6. At this part of my page owners of Tiemann-horses (bought there or bred with a Tiemann stallion ) or owners of other arabian horses take the opportunity to present their horses. Visit and see how lucky these people are with their winddrinkers.

  7. This section of my page is reserved for my favorite Mutabor. He was my treasure in stable - I´ll never forget him!. Do you want to see his pedigree, portraits (taken when he was looking with great interest at a little foal passing his paddock), pictures of his 15th birthday or pictures of me (showing with Mutabor at different ages and Mutabors Grandpa Marwan, whom I miss so much). And when you speak a little German, perhaps you want to read my first steps as an author on a book about Mutabor or a short summary of Mutabor. Some pictures of Mutabor
    And in spring 2000 I bought a little foal from familiy Tiemann. Page 1 , Page 2  existet from R.T. Wamiiq Ibn Winettka. Page 3 - Wamiiq nearly two years old! * Page 4 - winter 2002/03 * Page 6 - work on the ground Page 6 - work on the line * Page 7 - Riding with and without rider

    And there a some informations of: me * our little stable * the horses in our stable *

     Grandpa Larsson´s 80tyth * painting our stable

    Even there are a lot of informations about my horses: Max - my big Fjordi and Momo - Andalusian-Baby

  8. Picture galarie themes: 
  9. Linkpage
  10. Or you can visit my Guestbook. I will be very happy, when you find time, to write a little note.


Do you want more information, have questions or wish to contact me? Here is my E-mail-adress: Catia.Cz@freenet.de

I hope that my summary was to some extent useful to you. Best wishes from Germany

Katja Czeczota

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